Feel Good Fix – November 2015

Nowadays it’s nearly impossible not to feel overloaded, stressed out, or just simply like you have no time for yourself. There’s no time to stop, relax, take a break; but the everyday hustle can be detrimental to your mood (among other things). So, we’ve decided to help you find ways to improve your mood with our monthly Feel Good Fix! Think of it as a monthly homework assignment… for yourself. You can do it just one day out of the month, or every single day if you can. It’s all up to you and when you feel you need that extra boost of happiness.

This month’s fix is a favorite around here – this month we want you to read! We are certified #bookworms. There is nothing better to us than curling up in a comfy spot with a good book; but there are also several benefits to reading – from mental stimulation, to improving your focus, to (ding! ding! ding!) relieving stress! If you want to super-size the benefits of reading, you could opt for a personal development book. This way, you get the benefits of reading, while learning about yourself and working towards your goals! Books have the power to create a completely different world for your mind to wander through – a break from your day-to-day – especially if you find a great author to guide the way. But it really doesn’t matter whether you choose a fiction novel or a newspaper article – just read. 

Now, we understand that not everyone is as “into” reading as we are – and that’s okay – but there is always something that you can find entertaining if you gave it a chance. I’ve met my fair share of “non-readers” who have devoured book after book… once they found something they liked. So, ask around for some recommendations, or see what’s in the most popular section at your local book store, and take some time this month to unwind with a good book. Let us know what you’re reading in the comments!