NotSo30s is Going on a 21 Day Fix

We’re stuffed.

Yes, post-Thanksgiving we are walking around and can’t see our toes…

Let’s be honest… We haven’t seen our toes in a while. We are going back to something that we know is healthy and is just what our waistlines need.


NotSo30s is going on a 21 Day Fix…


Melissa and I have sat here making our shopping lists, looking up recipes, and planning out our week. We will be posting our favorite recipes from the week, and any useful tips that come up along the way.

Make sure to follow the blog to catch all of the progress!



I know I haven’t posted much lately… Oops! But no excuses.

NotSo30s - Lunch Salad

Today I am excited to share my lunch. Yes, I know that too many people post random pictures of their food, but I am sharing mine for a reason. Within one mile of my office I have a KFC, Burger King, McDonalds, Chipotle and more quick-lunch options. I also have a Giardino Salads. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve fallen to temptation. Not today though. I craaaaved this. I call this salad “The Mely”. I customized my salad based on a salad my friend made me MONTHS ago. It was so good back then that I still try to replicate it now. Here we have baby greens, strawberries, mandarins, dried cranberries (only a little), fresh mozzarella and a small scoop of roasted skinless chicken breast. The dressing is on the side so I can control the amount. What I love about this salad is that the juicy strawberries and mandarins reduce the need for much dressing! I had a ton of options for lunch today, but this was a WIN!

Now tell me… What did YOU have for lunch today that was a healthy WIN? – COMMENT BELOW!


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Making those HEALTHY Choices

If you are like me, you looooove delicious food. Sweets, comfort food, ethnic food… All of it. This love of food is 75% of the reason why I am overweight. EVERY DAY is a struggle with choices. Fast food is on every block. Many foods are highly processed to help taste better and drive sales. And growing up eating Cuban food doesn’t help when it comes to choosing a salad over white rice and beans.

When I walk into a grocery store I go in with the BEST of intentions! Yet, sometimes walking by one of my favorite treats is far too tempting for me to say NO. Yesterday, I decided to help myself make better choices by placing myself in an environment more encouraging of a healthier lifestyle.

After work yesterday I took a trip for my local Fresh Market. My shopping list was small, but I was curious about the healthy alternatives the store had to offer. After picking up my antibiotic-free ground turkey, ground beef and chicken breasts, I decided to go for a stroll aisle-by-aisle through the store. I skipped the produce section, since I was already stocked up at home… But from what I saw, the colors were brighter and the produce just looked fresher… (Not to far-fetched to figure out how the store got its name!)

I must say, I can definitely see myself shopping at Fresh Market more often. I enjoyed being surrounded by SO many healthy options. It just helped me feel a million times better about my food options.

So here is part of my food haul… As you can see, I’m experimenting with Kale Chips, so I bought a variety. All the items that I purchased scanned ‘A’ on Fooducate!

NotSo30s - Fresh Market

Do I think that I am now invincible to temptation? No. Do I think that I am now going to become this super healthy foodie? No. What I am becoming is someone who is wiser about her food choices. I am becoming someone who wants a healthier future. I want to be able to live a healthier lifestyle with my fiance.

So here’s to making those HEALTHY choices… The small, daily ones… That add up and trim down!

3 Day Refresh Review – Day Two!

NotSo30s - 3 Day Refresh

I have to admit that one of my FAVORITE things about the 3 Day Refresh is that I barely have to THINK! I wake up in the morning and almost my entire day is planned and ready. Now, let me not mislead you… There is a BIT of planning at the beginning… But honestly, it took me 10 minutes to review the food options, pick my favorites, and make my shopping list! Yea… You read that… FOOD OPTIONS… Cause this isn’t an all liquid cleanse!

Today I started day two… I did get a headache yesterday in the afternoon but that is because of the caffeine withdrawal and returning to work after being out for 5 days. The 3 Day Refresh DOES allow you to drink black coffee, but that’s just not for me. This morning I woke up feeling great. I FINALLY caught up on all of my sleep and I DID NOT FEEL HUNGRY.


That is one of the first questions asked when someone is doing a cleanse – “But are you hungry?” Honestly, I’m not…

I am not weighing myself until the END of the 3 days… I have a feeling my results are going to blow me awayyyy and I want to see that WOW factor! That only BOOSTS my motivation to eat clean…

If you are interested in the 3 Day Refresh click here or feel free to email me!


Quitting Coffee Cold Turkey

It is Monday. It is a coffee-free Monday. It is a coffee-free Monday, and I am at work. That sounds like the start to a horror movie…

Surprisingly, I’m not going through withdrawals. I have quit coffee cold turkey multiple times before. I’ve had the horrible caffeine withdrawal headaches, I’ve had the moodiness and I’ve had the cravings.

I’ve also learned I can quit coffee cold turkey and NOT suffer. I replace my morning coffee with my morning Shakeology. Today, ZERO headache. The only moodiness I have is attributed to the fact that I need a vacation (not a cup of coffee). More importantly, I am putting something HEALTHY into my body. I am putting vitamins, nutrients and superfoods into my body – not caffeine, sugar, and high calories.

I love how my morning Shakeology makes me feel. I feel alert, it helps to reduce bloating, and I feel FULL the entire morning.

So here I go… I DARE YOU – YES, YOU! I DARE YOU to quit coffee cold turkey and drink Shakeology with me. Email me if you would like more info.

Here I am, day 1 of no morning coffee. Excuse the scary, makeup-free face... I'll be seeing the darmatologist this afternoon and had to forgo the mask. Ha!

Here I am, day 1 of no morning coffee. Excuse the scary, makeup-free face… I’ll be seeing the dermatologist this afternoon and had to forgo the mask. Ha!

The Struggles of Losing Weight When Extremely Overweight


There is a 45 pound and a two and a half year difference between these two pictures.

There is a 45 pound and a two and a half year difference between these two pictures.

I am extremely overweight. According to the BMI scale I am considered to be obese. I have never been thin. My weight has fluctuated over the years. The last time my weight started with a 1 was either in high school or my first year of college. I honestly don’t even remember anymore. In middle school and high school I knew I was overweight. Compared to my classmates I wore bigger clothes and had the bigger body. I was extremely self-conscious and uncomfortable in my own skin. I never wore shorts. (I still don’t.) I never wanted to go to the beach with friends because I did not want to be seen in public in a bathing suit. I shied away from my crushes, since I thought they would have no interest in a “fat girl”. I never weighed myself since I didn’t care to know the number. No matter what, in my head I was fat.

I didn’t know what a healthy lifestyle was and I had no idea how to learn. I grew up in a house with obese women. Food was a way to bond and celebrate. Food was also how we dealt with emotion.  My breakfast was usually a high-sugar cereal with milk. Lunch at school was either pizza or fried chicken tenders and fries with a soda. Dinner was the worst part. Nightly, our meals were white rice, black or red beans, some type of fried meat, and more soda. There was also always junk food and sweets in the house.

When I went off to college and was on my own I ate only what I thought I could afford. Inexpensive fast food, junk food and processed food. Every year I gained more weight and more weight. Then I started realizing I was making myself incredibly unhealthy. When I had to start shopping in specialty stores like Lane Bryant and wearing size 22 jeans I FINALLY started accepting how unhealthy and overweight I was.

The problem now is, I spent 20+ years living an unhealthy lifestyle. Poor food choices and zero activity have caught up with me. It is NOT easy to break myself from a lifetime of bad habits. I have cried over my body shame. I have cried over how ugly I have felt. I have cried over not having clothes that fit properly.

Now, I look back at my high school pictures and I WISSSSH I looked like that NOW.

I have, however, started changing my mentality over the last few months. I’m no longer going to be a victim of my lifestyle. I am no longer going to be down and depressed about my body and weight. I have the power to change myself. I have the power to make myself healthier and to live a healthier lifestyle.

I have met some AMAZING people who just want to encourage and share positivity. I have met one woman who is “plus size” like me, but doesn’t let it define her. She works out and lives life. She walks around with joy. I have not met her in person, only via social media, but her positivity is infectious!

I also have people around me who can help make me a better person just by their support. Support and understanding are so extremely important when an extremely overweight person is trying to lose weight. I know from personal experience that it is very hard to believe that a very thin trainer can really understand what an overweight or obese person are going through. I know I have felt like I couldn’t connect with some thin trainers and coaches in the past. I had wondered if they are judging me. I had wondered if thought less of me because I had allowed myself to get to the weight I was at.  Going to the gym was a similar experience. I always felt self-conscious. I felt as if people were looking down on my for being so overweight. As if I was beyond help. When a person is extremely overweight, it is hard to stay motivated. It is hard to barely see any changes.

All of those doubts and that shame were part of the reason I was never able to stick with a weight loss plan. I also never knew how to properly deal with emotion and how to truly take care of myself. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not infallible. I am not some healthy and fitness fanatic right now. I am just someone who is realizing that there is ALWAYS a chance in life to make yourself a better person. There is always a chance to take care of yourself.

I want to be a healthier person. I don’t have the illusion of being a size 2. If my high school pictures weren’t boxed up I would post a picture of myself back then. I would love to just be healthy and more energetic. I want to feel comfortable and confident in my skin. Confidence. That is something I’m not all too familiar with. I would love to put on an outfit and just feel GREAT. Inside and out.

I hope this blog and this post reaches ONE person and let’s that person know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I am JUST like you. I understand. Don’t be ashamed. Stop beating yourself up. If you EVER need someone to talk to who understands, I am here. No judgement. If you ever need someone who you can vent to, someone who understands, someone who can cry with you and someone who can encourage you – EMAIL ME. I want to help. I also want to help you set goals and reach them. As much as I want to support you, having someone to support only gives me more motivation and encouragement.

My journey is yours.

Mini Personal Victory

Not So 30s Mini Personal Victory 1

This simple meal right above has a lot of meaning for me.

Yea. You read that line, looked at the picture, realized it was just eggs, then rolled your eyes…

But I mean it.

This simple meal is a mini personal victory. It shows me that I CAN make good choices. That I CAN say ‘no’ to temptation. That I CAN reach my goals. That I CAN do what every I want.

So… Since when did breakfast become so deeply meaningful? (I laughed as I wrote that…) Well! Last night we had some plumbing issues at home. Our kitchen sink is out of commission until the plumber comes today. What I didn’t realize last night was that my blender was in the sink. Dirty. (Cue: “Ewwwwwww”). Yea. EWW! I don’t wake up super early in the morning to have all this time before work. I have a routine. Get up. Get ready. Make my Shakeology shake. Hit the road.

As I was getting ready I was trying to think of WHAT I could have for breakfast that was 21 Day Fix-friendly and a HEALTHY choice. (Come on, I get married in just over 5 months. That dress isn’t sitting in the closet EXPANDING.) Starbucks crossed my mind. A latte crossed my mind. A venti mocha latte (no whip!) crossed my mind. Then it kind of riverdanced all over my brain. A venti mocha latte (no whip) is SOOOO not Fix-friendly. Time was winding down. I COULD have taken the EASY way out and stopped by Starbucks, but I didn’t. I grabbed a pan and threw together an egg, egg whites and ham.  BOOM. Breakfast. No guilt. A lot of pride.

Happy Thursday Everyone. Here’s to YOUR mini personal victories today!

How to 21 Day Fix at Starbucks

21 Day Fix Starbucks

Today I just couldn’t get motivated to get out of bed. It didn’t help that BeBe (my 10-year-old, 80 pound puppy) decided that 4:40am was the appropriate time to wake up and have breakfast. So I relied on my tried and true method of getting myself out of bed for work… I began listing all of my bills.

Car Insurance, Gas, Groceries, Cell Phone, Rent, Student Loans, Credit Cards. Yup. That does the trick.

The problem with this morning was that I was running  a little late and ran out of the house (okay, I walked out of the house) without preparing any of today’s food. At work I keep fruit on hand for snacks, but I needed something for breakfast.


I know, I know. Starbucks is a high-calorie TRAP.

But not if you are SMART about it!

So how exactly can you go to Starbucks all while sticking to the 21 Day Fix eating plan? Tea and the Starbucks Protein box will become your best friends!

I don’t eat the bread, since I’m not a fan of it. The bread alone is a yellow container, which I prefer to save for another meal. Also, I avoid the peanut butter. Although the peanut butter is good, it represents 3 teaspoons on the plan. I tend to save the peanut butter and eat half of it later for a snack.

The best part of the protein box are the apple slices, grapes, hard-boiled egg and cheese. (Throw out the salt!)

The fruit count for about 1 to 1.5 purple containers (depending on the apple slices and grape count). The hard-boiled egg is half a red container and the cheese counts as a blue!

With patience and smart choices, you too can 21 Day Fix on the go!

My 21 Day Fix Round 1 Results!

Most everyone has seen the same stock before and after images of 21 Day Fix results. Some of them are from one round, others are the before/after results of multiple rounds. I have to admit that the picture that was MOST encouraging was the one of the woman who lost approximately 96 pounds after 10 rounds of 21 Day Fix. Why did this one really get my attention? Because I don’t have 10-15 pounds to lose… I have OVER 50 pounds to lose! That picture SHOWED me that this program could work on a plus size person.

Last week I completed my FIRST round of 21 Day Fix, and I have to admit – I loved it. This program isn’t the “easy way out”. No. I worked for my weight loss. I exercised EVERY day. I ate HEALTHY. I didn’t pop pills. I was careful with portion control.

Well, here it is ladies and gentleman. MY 21 Day Fix Round 1 Results!


  • Left Arm: No Change
  • Right Arm: -0.5 inches
  • Chest: -2.25 inches
  • Waist: -4 inches
  • Hips: -2 inches
  • Left Leg: No Change
  • Right Leg: -0.25 inches


TOTAL WEIGHT LOST: 11.8 POUNDS! In just 21 Days!

I placed my measurements first, as I believe that is where the emphasis should always be!

And for visual proof, here are my before and after pictures. Yes, the photography technique needs improvement… I will work on that for this round… But check out my belly/waist… I FEEEEEL the difference in my clothes. It is AWESOME!

Here are MY 21 Day Fix first round results. Progress is important!

Here are MY 21 Day Fix first round results. Progress is important!

I loved this program so much that I am starting ROUND 2 with my challenge group today!  We are also already planning our APRIL round of 21 Day Fix. Interested in joining? Let me know! I would love to help guide YOU to your goals!

Have a great day!!

Mom’s Juicy Turkey Burger Recipe

As I mentioned previously, I have this recipe that I MUST share with you (courtesy of my mom)! These turkey burgers are JUICY, DELICIOUS and VERY simple to make! Very easy to pre-make for meal prep!

photo 2


Kitchen Tools

  • Large bowl
  • Plastic wrap
  • Large ziplock bag
  • Cutting board
  • Your favorite knife for chopping produce


  • 2 packages of ground turkey (approx. 2 to 2.5 pounds)
  • 8 ounces of chopped up button mushrooms
  • Approximately 4 ounces of chopped up baby spinach
  • 3 tablespoons of EVOO
  • 1/4 of Quaker quick oats
  • Pepper
  • Sea Salt (not too much)


  • Take your plastic wrap and pre-cut about 8-9 sheets the size of a hard cover book. Don’t remember what that looks like? Think – iPad Mini…
  • Take your mushrooms and chop them you. You want a medium chop. To give you a visual, the pieces should be about the size of two corn kernels.
  • Now chop your spinach in a fine chop. You don’t want an entire leaf to be rolled into a burger!
  • In a pan warm up your EVOO on Medium and once the EVOO is hot add in your mushrooms and spinach.
  • Mix, Mix, Mix, Mix, Mix!
  • Add in the oats when you see your mushrooms have started to soften
  • Mix, Mix, Mix, Mix, Mix!
  • After the oats are incorporated and softened a bit add the mushrooms/spinach/oats mix to a large bowl containing your ground turkey.
  • Now, the icky part! Use you hands to start combining the ingredients. As you are working the mix add the pepper and salt.
  • (REMEMBER! In order to keep a sanitary work environment, pre-measure your salt and pepper. This way your turkey hands aren’t roaming around the kitchen!)
  • NOW! It is PATTY time!
  • Take out portions of the turkey mix approximately the size of a very large lemon. Roll it around in your hands and then flatten with the palm and heel of your hands.
  • Wrap the patties that you want to store in the plastic wrap and place inside of a large ziplock bag.
  • When done WASH THOSE HANDS!

Cooking Instructions

  • My mother’s technique works best! Place inside of a George Foreman grill for exactly 8 minutes. Plan on making some ahead to microwave at work? Then cook those only for 7 minutes.
  • If you do not have a George Foreman grill, take a frying pan and give it the quickest spray with non-stick cooking spray. Cook on each side of the patty at medium-high heat for 5-6 minutes.

I like to serve the turkey burgers with some lettuce on a sandwich thin. As a side, skip the chips! Humus and carrots are filling and a MUCH healthier and delicious option! Also, this is a perfect example of one of the meals that I ate during the 21 Day Fix!

photo 1

(Sorry for the dark picture!)

Feel free to share, like and re-blog this recipe!