NotSo30s is Going on a 21 Day Fix

We’re stuffed.

Yes, post-Thanksgiving we are walking around and can’t see our toes…

Let’s be honest… We haven’t seen our toes in a while. We are going back to something that we know is healthy and is just what our waistlines need.


NotSo30s is going on a 21 Day Fix…


Melissa and I have sat here making our shopping lists, looking up recipes, and planning out our week. We will be posting our favorite recipes from the week, and any useful tips that come up along the way.

Make sure to follow the blog to catch all of the progress!


Sweating for the Wedding (Dress)

Today, I tried on my wedding dress… With just over 3 months to go until my wedding I needed to know how it fit.

The zipper did not go up all the way. It didn’t fit.

I definitely was NOT happy. Yet, I didn’t panic. I didn’t cry.

I became MORE motivated than ever before to help lose weight and become fit and healthy for my wedding day, and beyond! As soon as I took off my wedding dress, I put my workout clothes and sneakers ON. I popped in my TurboFire DVD and got to WORK.

No Excuses.

No Quick Fixes.

I’m all about HARD WORK right now. I put in my Soul Mate workout and got to WORK with my Soul Mate trainer! Chalene Johnson makes me feel like I can reach my goals. I know I can. I will sweat for it. I will meal prep for it.

I will fit in my wedding dress and ROCK it in just 3 months.

Want to join me? Want to get that extra PUSH and motivation? Email me! I’m here to help YOU get to your goals! I know your struggles and I can get there with you!

NotSo30s - Sweating For The Wedding

Let’s Go!

How to 21 Day Fix at Starbucks

21 Day Fix Starbucks

Today I just couldn’t get motivated to get out of bed. It didn’t help that BeBe (my 10-year-old, 80 pound puppy) decided that 4:40am was the appropriate time to wake up and have breakfast. So I relied on my tried and true method of getting myself out of bed for work… I began listing all of my bills.

Car Insurance, Gas, Groceries, Cell Phone, Rent, Student Loans, Credit Cards. Yup. That does the trick.

The problem with this morning was that I was running  a little late and ran out of the house (okay, I walked out of the house) without preparing any of today’s food. At work I keep fruit on hand for snacks, but I needed something for breakfast.


I know, I know. Starbucks is a high-calorie TRAP.

But not if you are SMART about it!

So how exactly can you go to Starbucks all while sticking to the 21 Day Fix eating plan? Tea and the Starbucks Protein box will become your best friends!

I don’t eat the bread, since I’m not a fan of it. The bread alone is a yellow container, which I prefer to save for another meal. Also, I avoid the peanut butter. Although the peanut butter is good, it represents 3 teaspoons on the plan. I tend to save the peanut butter and eat half of it later for a snack.

The best part of the protein box are the apple slices, grapes, hard-boiled egg and cheese. (Throw out the salt!)

The fruit count for about 1 to 1.5 purple containers (depending on the apple slices and grape count). The hard-boiled egg is half a red container and the cheese counts as a blue!

With patience and smart choices, you too can 21 Day Fix on the go!

My 21 Day Fix Round 1 Results!

Most everyone has seen the same stock before and after images of 21 Day Fix results. Some of them are from one round, others are the before/after results of multiple rounds. I have to admit that the picture that was MOST encouraging was the one of the woman who lost approximately 96 pounds after 10 rounds of 21 Day Fix. Why did this one really get my attention? Because I don’t have 10-15 pounds to lose… I have OVER 50 pounds to lose! That picture SHOWED me that this program could work on a plus size person.

Last week I completed my FIRST round of 21 Day Fix, and I have to admit – I loved it. This program isn’t the “easy way out”. No. I worked for my weight loss. I exercised EVERY day. I ate HEALTHY. I didn’t pop pills. I was careful with portion control.

Well, here it is ladies and gentleman. MY 21 Day Fix Round 1 Results!


  • Left Arm: No Change
  • Right Arm: -0.5 inches
  • Chest: -2.25 inches
  • Waist: -4 inches
  • Hips: -2 inches
  • Left Leg: No Change
  • Right Leg: -0.25 inches


TOTAL WEIGHT LOST: 11.8 POUNDS! In just 21 Days!

I placed my measurements first, as I believe that is where the emphasis should always be!

And for visual proof, here are my before and after pictures. Yes, the photography technique needs improvement… I will work on that for this round… But check out my belly/waist… I FEEEEEL the difference in my clothes. It is AWESOME!

Here are MY 21 Day Fix first round results. Progress is important!

Here are MY 21 Day Fix first round results. Progress is important!

I loved this program so much that I am starting ROUND 2 with my challenge group today!  We are also already planning our APRIL round of 21 Day Fix. Interested in joining? Let me know! I would love to help guide YOU to your goals!

Have a great day!!

Mom’s Juicy Turkey Burger Recipe

As I mentioned previously, I have this recipe that I MUST share with you (courtesy of my mom)! These turkey burgers are JUICY, DELICIOUS and VERY simple to make! Very easy to pre-make for meal prep!

photo 2


Kitchen Tools

  • Large bowl
  • Plastic wrap
  • Large ziplock bag
  • Cutting board
  • Your favorite knife for chopping produce


  • 2 packages of ground turkey (approx. 2 to 2.5 pounds)
  • 8 ounces of chopped up button mushrooms
  • Approximately 4 ounces of chopped up baby spinach
  • 3 tablespoons of EVOO
  • 1/4 of Quaker quick oats
  • Pepper
  • Sea Salt (not too much)


  • Take your plastic wrap and pre-cut about 8-9 sheets the size of a hard cover book. Don’t remember what that looks like? Think – iPad Mini…
  • Take your mushrooms and chop them you. You want a medium chop. To give you a visual, the pieces should be about the size of two corn kernels.
  • Now chop your spinach in a fine chop. You don’t want an entire leaf to be rolled into a burger!
  • In a pan warm up your EVOO on Medium and once the EVOO is hot add in your mushrooms and spinach.
  • Mix, Mix, Mix, Mix, Mix!
  • Add in the oats when you see your mushrooms have started to soften
  • Mix, Mix, Mix, Mix, Mix!
  • After the oats are incorporated and softened a bit add the mushrooms/spinach/oats mix to a large bowl containing your ground turkey.
  • Now, the icky part! Use you hands to start combining the ingredients. As you are working the mix add the pepper and salt.
  • (REMEMBER! In order to keep a sanitary work environment, pre-measure your salt and pepper. This way your turkey hands aren’t roaming around the kitchen!)
  • NOW! It is PATTY time!
  • Take out portions of the turkey mix approximately the size of a very large lemon. Roll it around in your hands and then flatten with the palm and heel of your hands.
  • Wrap the patties that you want to store in the plastic wrap and place inside of a large ziplock bag.
  • When done WASH THOSE HANDS!

Cooking Instructions

  • My mother’s technique works best! Place inside of a George Foreman grill for exactly 8 minutes. Plan on making some ahead to microwave at work? Then cook those only for 7 minutes.
  • If you do not have a George Foreman grill, take a frying pan and give it the quickest spray with non-stick cooking spray. Cook on each side of the patty at medium-high heat for 5-6 minutes.

I like to serve the turkey burgers with some lettuce on a sandwich thin. As a side, skip the chips! Humus and carrots are filling and a MUCH healthier and delicious option! Also, this is a perfect example of one of the meals that I ate during the 21 Day Fix!

photo 1

(Sorry for the dark picture!)

Feel free to share, like and re-blog this recipe!


A Day in the Life: 21 Day Fix…

I have been asked by SEVERAL people what my daily routine on 21 Day Fix is like, what I eat, what my workouts are like, and so on… I’ve been contacted through this blog, through family and friends, and I even had a coworker ask me after she saw me slowly get up from my desk chair… Why was I getting up slowly from my desk chair? My muscles were SORE. Hamstrings, Quads, Abs, Arms… Everything! It was the GOOD kind of sore. Not painful… But a post-workout reminder that I have work to do!

I wanted to give everyone a quick insight into a day in the life of 21 Day Fix… At least for me! Most of the photos that I am going to share are from day one, but I will continue to update with food/meal ideas! (I have a yummy turkey burger recipe that I am posting tomorrow morning!!!)


Every night I prepare for the next day! It is a LOT easier to plan ahead on 21 Day Fix. Luckily, my fiancé and I are on the same portion category.

(Portion category? Yes. Based on your current wait and some quick math, you determine on 21 Day Fix what portions you receive on the program. The booklet it comes with tells you how many of each color-coded container you are allowed a day. The booklet also comes with lists of foods that correspond with each container on the plan. For example: Red is protein, and I am allowed four containers a day from the list of foods on the red container list. The lists are long so you have TONS of options).

21 Day Fix Containers

I prepare the meals for our work day which includes two snacks and our lunch. For snacks I like to use portions of our fruit allowance, or some carrots and humus! (Yuuuuuuuum. Hummusssss.) I also set out everything for my morning Shakeology. I prefer to have it


The alarm wakes me up…. I snooze it. My back-up alarm wakes me up… I snooze it. The first alarm I snoozed wakes me up. I sometimes snooze it. You get the picture.

I like to make my Shakeology shakes the same way, no matter which flavor I choose (with the exception of Greenberry). I toss in a bunch of ice. About 3-4 regular coffee mugs worth of ice. Next, one scoop of Shakeology. I follow that up with 2 teaspoons of PB2 and half of a banana. Last, I add in 8 ounces of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Then I blend, blend, blend, blend, blend! What comes out is a whole lot of deliciousness! This counts as 1 red container, 1 yellow container, 1 purple container and 2 teaspoons. I usually take FOREVER to drink my shakes since they are so filling.



Oh yes. Every kindergartener’s and grown woman’s FAVORITE time of the day… SNACK time! Today I had fresh strawberries. LOVE strawberries.


Remember that lunch I prepped the night before? BAM! Right there waiting for me. No needing to wonder what I am going to have for lunch and no chance of giving into the temptation of all the not-so-healthy restaurants that surround my office. In the picture you will see steamed green beans seasoned with Mrs. Dash and lemon juice, brown rice, and grilled chicken breast with onions and mushrooms. I used a little bit of non-stick cooking spray and a teaspoon of EVOO to cook the chicken, mushrooms and onions. I seasoned with lime juice, pepper, garlic powder and a dash of sea salt.

21 Day Fix Day 1

Note: Not everyone’s portions amount will be the same, but they aren’t too far off. Your friend Angie here is on the highest category. I have a lot of weight to lose and as I lose the weight I will come down in portion categories.


What What!!! Snack number TWO for the day. I chose to slice up a small apple. I recommend trying different types of apples. Pick 3 or 4 different kinds and buy one of each! Some apples are sweeter than others… Some a crunchier… Find what YOU like. I know I prefer Honeycrisps! SWEEEEEET and delicious.


I like to come home and get it over with! I’ve mentioned before that I’m a slug. I don’t workout regularly, so any workout is a challenge. (Hey Angie… Maybe that’s a reason you became overweight in the first place… Yea. DUH.) Anywho. Every day of the week has a different workout. Autumn Calabrese likes to workout multiple muscle groups at the same time. Oh! And DON’T let the petite young thing that walks on your screen fool you. She’s fierce. She’s tough. She’s the reason I was sore from the tips of my toes up to the ends of my hair! What I do LOVE and LOOK FORWARD to about these workouts is that they are only 30 minutes long. THAT’S IT. In just 30 minutes I have a HUGE sense of accomplishment. Then I peel myself off the floor. Slowly.

21 Day Fix TKO


On this day I kept dinner light. I chopped up some romaine lettuce and added chopped up onions, mushrooms and shredded carrots. I topped with grilled chicken and a 21 Day Fix recipe for balsamic dressing.

Note: This day just so happened to have grilled chicken twice… But I have had seasoned ground turkey, steak, turkey burgers, eggs (I looooove breakfast), etc….


After unwinding from the day I like to have a VERY small snack. I eat a few peanuts… Or… *GASP*… A small piece of dark chocolate! YES. That IS allowed on the plan!


Then I repeat and prep my meals for the following day.


A great tip is to pre-make your veggies and protein ahead of time. Food prep for 3 days or so, that way you aren’t cooking your lunches EVERY single night.

Here’s another one… Forget to pre-make your veggies? Frozen veggies and half a lemon are your friends! A little bit of seasoning and a microwave and BAM, veggies for the day!

For the first week, PLAN your meals out ahead of time. At some point, you will know your portions off the top of your head, but for the first few days having a plan helps!


If you have ANY more questions about 21 Day Fix let me know!!! My current challenge group is already planning our next round! YES! We are only ONE week in and we are already planning the next round. It is THAT good. Want to join us for our March 19th group? Write a comment and I’ll get in touch with you!

Meal Plan for 2/10/14 – 2/16/14

Here it is! My final meal plan before I start the 21 Day Fix!!! (I’m SOOOO excited! AHHH!)

Meal Plan - 02.10.14

I’m going for SIMPLICITY next week! Easy to prep, easy to pack up lunches. As for dinners, those are pretty easy too! What I like to do is grill a lot of chopped up chicken breast ahead of time (bite-sized cubes), and pre-portion them out in Ziplock snack size bags. Then, when it comes time to make my salad, I already have the chicken pre-cooked and ready to throw in my salad!

As for Valentine’s Day, eat a healthy breakfast and lunch! You might have a dessert or meal you wouldn’t normally eat… Don’t feel guilty!! One small splurge will not ruin everything. Just don’t let a cheat meal turn into a cheat day or a cheat week!!

I will not be preparing a meal plan for the three weeks starting on February 17th while I am on the 21 Day Fix… I will, however, post recipes! I can’t leave people completely in the dark!

I hope everyone has an AMAZING week! xoxo!


Grocery Shopping Day! 1/25/14

Grocery List

Saturdays! A day for fun, for chores and for errands! I don’t always go grocery shopping on Saturdays… Sometimes I get up early on a Sunday and hit up the grocery store before it gets too crowded. Tomorrow, however, I will be going to my first ever Kiss Country Chili Cookoff Concert. I need to take advantage of today and get as much done as possible. Luckily, the lunches I will need to prepare tomorrow are EASY PEASY! (Yea, I put some thought into selecting easy-t0-make lunches AND into actually using the term “easy peasy”.)

As you can see, I divide my list by the different sections of the grocery store. I used to run back and forth between aisles when I just had a random list. Also, dividing everything by sections helps you see if you are getting enough fruits and veggies in your diet! That section of your list should have the most items on it!

Also, SUPER IMPORTANT… SNACK SIZE Ziplock bags! I like to pre-package my snacks for the week in these little baggies. They are a HUGE help when it comes to portion control. Plus – don’t forget to recycle the used bags!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Meal Plan for 1/27/14 – 2/2/14

Meal Plan 01-27-14

Hi everyone! Here is my meal plan for next week… I wanted to focus more on veggies, so you will see I use them a bit more… I AM preparing two different lunches this week, but I noticed that I did crave a bit of variety… Especially since I am being repetitive with my dinners as well. (Although, salads can be different EVERY time you make them!)

As for breakfast, I am NOT straying from Shakeology! It is my replacement to coffee in the morning. I feel the same amount of energy as I would have if I drank a cup of coffee… EXCEPT… No crash after the coffee’s caffeine wears off and Shakeology is FULL of protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and phytonutrients… I know, I know… You read that list and said, “Great! But I’m sure it tastes HORRIBLE.” Wrong! Shakeology comes in several flavors and I must admit Chocolate is my FAVORITE. ❤ If you are interested in Shakeology and have any questions feel free to email me at or just visit My Shakeology Page!

I’ll be posting my shopping list for the week tomorrow morning… (As well as the all-terrifying before picture!) Have a great day and a great weekend!

Meal Prep Sunday!


How are YOU spending your Sunday? I hope you are making it a great day…

As for me, I’m prepping this week’s snacks and lunches. Last week I saw a difference on the scale, in how my jeans fit, and how I felt overall… Time to keep the momentum going!!!

Have a great week!