Grocery Shopping Day! 1/25/14

Grocery List

Saturdays! A day for fun, for chores and for errands! I don’t always go grocery shopping on Saturdays… Sometimes I get up early on a Sunday and hit up the grocery store before it gets too crowded. Tomorrow, however, I will be going to my first ever Kiss Country Chili Cookoff Concert. I need to take advantage of today and get as much done as possible. Luckily, the lunches I will need to prepare tomorrow are EASY PEASY! (Yea, I put some thought into selecting easy-t0-make lunches AND into actually using the term “easy peasy”.)

As you can see, I divide my list by the different sections of the grocery store. I used to run back and forth between aisles when I just had a random list. Also, dividing everything by sections helps you see if you are getting enough fruits and veggies in your diet! That section of your list should have the most items on it!

Also, SUPER IMPORTANT… SNACK SIZE Ziplock bags! I like to pre-package my snacks for the week in these little baggies. They are a HUGE help when it comes to portion control. Plus – don’t forget to recycle the used bags!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Meal Plan for 1/27/14 – 2/2/14

Meal Plan 01-27-14

Hi everyone! Here is my meal plan for next week… I wanted to focus more on veggies, so you will see I use them a bit more… I AM preparing two different lunches this week, but I noticed that I did crave a bit of variety… Especially since I am being repetitive with my dinners as well. (Although, salads can be different EVERY time you make them!)

As for breakfast, I am NOT straying from Shakeology! It is my replacement to coffee in the morning. I feel the same amount of energy as I would have if I drank a cup of coffee… EXCEPT… No crash after the coffee’s caffeine wears off and Shakeology is FULL of protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and phytonutrients… I know, I know… You read that list and said, “Great! But I’m sure it tastes HORRIBLE.” Wrong! Shakeology comes in several flavors and I must admit Chocolate is my FAVORITE. ❤ If you are interested in Shakeology and have any questions feel free to email me at or just visit My Shakeology Page!

I’ll be posting my shopping list for the week tomorrow morning… (As well as the all-terrifying before picture!) Have a great day and a great weekend!

Rebranding – The Future of Oh No?

After one of yesterday’s post I took a quick look at my site and saw the big countdown box on the upper right corner… Right there it gave me a deadline… Not just for my BIG 3-0… but for something bigger…


The Big 3-0 is coming! It is almost here! And when it gets here, then what?

I no longer fear the BIG 3-0. I’m looking forward to everything coming my way this year… House hunting, wedding planning, and of course, a future niece/nephew, the actual wedding!

So where do I go from here? Time for some overused phrases…

What is my purpose? What am I here for?

I like posting my meal plans, I love my little rants, and I’m sure I am going to be posting more wedding planning posts… But I want to branch out a bit… How about some curvy girl experiences? How about some Miami-centered posts…?

So, what is the future of OhNoTheBigThreeOh?


Meal Plan – Week of 1/20/2014

Look who is meal planning again! WHAT WHAT!

Yea… I said “what what”… I wrote it… I almost deleted it… But no. It needed to be there, cause I’m excited to be meal planning again!

The holidays were fun… and fattening… and they are now OVER. Time to readjust and get back to healthy eating habits.

I actually started meal planning again this past weekend, but didn’t get a chance to write up my plan. Also, I’ve changed a few things around. I would drive myself crazy planning several different lunches and dinners for the week, in order to accommodate my family members with differing tastes and a disdain for eating too many left overs. No more. I need to take care of ME. My engagement party is around the corner and my wedding is in 297 days (but who’s counting)! I actually don’t mind having the same lunch every day for a week, as long as I don’t repeat that every single week. My Sundays were spent cooking up a storm and not enjoying my weekend. As you will see from these new meal plans, I will be repeating my lunches every day of the week, but every week will be different.

I’m becoming more strict with what I eat and trying to simplify as much as possible. This girl here has a career, a wedding to plan and *hopefully* will be house hunting soon… Simplicity is needed for my sanity.

You are going to notice a lot of SkinnyTaste recipes… Why? Cause they are AWESOME!! Please go check that site out! She makes the most delicious recipes… I have tried several and they are delicious. Here is the link for this week’s lunch recipe… SkinnyTaste Baked Spaghetti Squash

There will be some days that I double up on my Shakeology shakes… That will happen on nights that I get home late and don’t have time to prep a meal.  If you are interested in Shakeology feel free to email me with questions!!!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Meal Plan - 01.20.14

Let’s Be Honest: Is it JUST Holiday Weight Gain?

Holiday Weight Gain

I was discussing my holiday weight gain, and my plans to shed the weight… Meal planning, grocery shopping techniques, etc… As I was having this conversation I realized my weight gain between November and the beginning of January was not “holiday weight gain”… It was laziness and lack of self-control…

Yes, the holidays are FILLED with yummy treats and meals… Starting with the Thanksgiving luncheon at the office a week before the actual holiday, I threw self-control out of the window. Since then there have been family meals, gift baskets sent to the office by business associates, the stress of having two weeks to plan my sister’s wedding (which was awesome by the way), Christmas, not having a functional refrigerator at my house for 6 weeks, New Years, baking… cooking… eating out… stuffing face… But in the numerous days between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years I was out of hand. NO self-control. NO planning ahead. It wasn’t just the holidays. It was me. Shame on Angie.

Shame, especially since I was doing so well…

We can’t blame the weight gain JUST on the “holidays”… The days of celebration (or more depending on what you celebrate) does not justify gaining POUNDS. Honestly, I haven’t weighed myself. I think it is because I am scared of the number I am going to see staring back at me on the screen… But I feel it in my clothes, especially my jeans. Mostly, I feel it in my face… YUCK.

No more “holiday weight gain” reasoning… It was purely lack of control. How do I redeem myself? Regaining that control. Pushing myself to be better, and make healthier choices…

Is this just me? Is there really such a thing as “holiday weight gain”? Or do we use the holidays as a justifiable excuse to throw healthy decision-making out of the window? I would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this… Comment below or email me!

Next week’s meal plan will be posted later today…

I Slipped…

I have slipped. I have veered off course. I lost my focus…

My friend Melissa brought it to my attention that my loss in focus has coincided with my not updating my blog. She’s sharp, and absolutely right. I looked forward to posting. Sharing ideas… Sharing experiences…

Time to get back on track!

I have had VERY little focus these past two weeks. My food choices have been POOR. Not every meal, but a bad meal once a day definitely adds up. I’ve also returned to my SLUGGISH ways!

Today, I asked for a pep talk. I need to get re-focused. I have an appointment scheduled at the beginning of February to try on dresses. I have found a designer that I absolutely LOVE and I want to enjoy my day, surrounded by the important women in my life.

In order to encourage and support me my best friend made me promise that I would go for a 30 minute walk today. She, in turn, promised me she would do the same. I’ve mentioned it before, but I DO have some amazing people around me.

I want to be a curvy bride. Not a LARGE bride. I have 12 weeks until my bridal gown appointment. THAT is an eye opener.

No. More. Excuses.

Meal Plan for 10/21/13 – 10/27/13

Meal Planning. The “creativity aspect” of it is VERY difficult! I don’t want to frequently repeat meals, since I know that food boredom can cause healthy eating failure! So when I sit down to create my meal plans I usually have to do a bit of research or recipe book flipping.

A few of next week’s meals come from one of my new favorite websites, SkinnyTaste! This site is amazing! GREAT recipes and ways of making your current favorites lighter!

As always, Shakeology is a staple on the menu. I need it. I want it. I gotta have it! Want to know what Shakeology is all about? You can always check out my Shakeology page  or email me with questions!

Meal Plan 10.21.13

For once, I didn’t choose lazy…

Yesterday sucked. Really, it did. But it goes to show that everything in life has balance. Wednesday I was BLISSFULLY happy… Then Thursday came. Wednesday was SO GOOD that Thursday was the COMPLETE opposite.

On days where I am exceptionally stressed, anxious, upset or mad I usually make all the wrong food and activity decisions. I usually eat things that are ALL WRONG for me and lay in bed napping or watching TV. I believe this is where the term couch potato came from. If I had been on the couch I would have been ridiculously lazy, and probably eating something fattening. Like, potato chips… Fries… You know. The greasy stuff.

Yesterday, I didn’t choose lazy.

I have goals. Big goals. I don’t want to lose a quick 10 pounds and be done with it. I want a lifestyle change. I want to be more active, more productive, and healthier. My ways of handling stress are the opposite of what I need to meet these goals.

Yesterday, I had a shiteous day at work. Yea. I said shiteous… Cause SHITTY and HIDEOUS just weren’t enough. I came home and did what I usually do in these situations… I ate something I shouldn’t have (white rice) and laid down in bed.

After laying in bed for an hour+ I started thinking about my goals… Laying in bed and sulking was not going to make me productive. It was not going to make me more active. I sure as hell wasn’t going to lose weight that way either!

After my inner pep talk I got out of bed, change into my workout clothes and got to work. I popped in my favorite workout DVD and burned off the calories of my bad choice of food. I used up some of the energy I was using to dwell on my crappy day at work and I made a positive out of it…

I know my journey won’t be perfect. I know I will make mistakes. I only hope that I can turn every mistake into a positive.

Meal Plan for 10/7/13 – 10/13/13

Here is my meal plan for next week! If anyone wants to join the fun, JOIN ME!

Yes, you will see that I drink Shakeology 7 days a week. I LOVE IT! I love how customizable all of the shakes are, and they really are delicious. If you are interested, feel free to check out my Shakeology page.

Please don’t hesitate to email me or comment to ask questions! I would love to help anyone! I promise to respond as quickly as possible!


A Little Confession: My secondary motives…

I’m all geared up and ready to go… 30 weeks of clean eating, exercise, personal growth, organization and task completion… I started this blog almost a year ago in order to help me attain those goals. I really am excited about everything I am going to accomplish in 30 weeks… but… I have a confession to make. Becoming a BETTER ME is my primary goal. My main reason. My #1. But it is not my only reason…


3 months ago my amazing, wonderful, and just TOTALLY AWESOME boyfriend surprised me and became my fiancee. It was completely unexpected. I have to give the man credit, he set me up for the surprise…

So in addition to trying to become a better me and buy a house at the beginning of 2014 I now have the joy of planning a WEDDING! *cue the wedding bells*

Wait… Did I say joy? I meant TRAUMA… But that is a WHOLE other post… Within a week of being engaged my head was already thinking “Well DAMN. Wearing a dress is kind of a mandatory/expected thing for a bride. Shit.”

I am no girlie girl and dresses and skirts are not a staple in my closet… I’m starting to freak out about THE DRESS. I want to look good in THE DRESS. I don’t want to cry cause I don’t feel good when I am trying on THE DRESS.

So here is where the confession comes in… I’m also doing my 30 weeks of health improvement and weight loss for THE DRESS… Cause NOTHING will make me feel better than walking towards my future husband and having his jaw drop when he sees me in THE DRESS.

I don’t want to be one of those women who lose a TON of weight before the wedding then gain it right back right after. I definitely want to be healthier and thinner… but damn… THE DRESS!