Feel Good Fix – January 2016

Nowadays it’s nearly impossible not to feel overloaded, stressed out, or just simply like you have no time for yourself. There’s no time to stop, relax, take a break; but the everyday hustle can be detrimental to your mood (among other things). So, we’ve decided to help you find ways to improve your mood with our monthly Feel Good Fix! Think of it as a monthly homework assignment… for yourself. You can do it just one day out of the month, or every single day if you can. It’s all up to you and when you feel you need that extra boost of happiness.

Happy New Year!!!

Congratulations, you made it through the holidays! And we’re SURE that after a couple weeks of either visiting or hosting family and friends, you are all set up and ready to conquer the new year, right?! Yeah, didn’t think so. The holidays tend to be a stressful time of year, which is why our previous fixes were all about taking a break from the crazy. But this month’s fix is about taking action – this month, we want you to de-clutter!

The new year brings a sense of new beginnings and gives us an opportunity to re-evaluate how we want to live our lives. We make resolutions, we get motivated, we set out to make changes. One of the best things you can do before you begin anything is de-clutter and organize yourself for success. If your goal is to get in shape, organize your pantry and workout space. If you are looking to pay off some debt, then organize your finances. It also helps tremendously to do a general cleansing of your environment (home, office, car) to get a sense of preparedness. When things are a mess, you don’t feel ready – or motivated – to do the things that need to be done. Once things are in order, you have nothing left to do but tackle those lofty goals! Take the time this month to break down the necessary areas of importance and clean out the junk, organize, and plan – then get ready to make it a fantastic new year!

Juggling Act…


This post is more of a request for ideas…

How does everyone manage to juggle the priorities of their days? What techniques do you use to take care of home, family, nutrition, scheduling, work, errands, and projects?

I know and utilize some WONDERFUL techniques, but lately I am finding it very hard to get everything accomplished. My unfinished tasks are starting to snowball, and the added pressure/stress that it brings is NOT making me happy.

My to-do lists are organized and my main way of getting things done and remembering important tasks… Yet… My list of to-dos is getting looooonger and loooooooooooonger and loooooooooooooooooooooooonger. (Has human cloning been perfected yet? Another Angie might be just what I need…)

How do YOU balance all of the responsibilities and priorities of YOUR day?

Write It Down!

Emails, phone calls, commutes, appointments, families, interruptions, errands, schedules, kids, meetings, work, relationships, text messages, radios, papers, apps…

Our days are FILLED with sensory overload… Sometimes we don’t know who we are, where we are, what we were doing, what day it is, and where we are going… I had one of those days yesterday…

With all of the constant buzz and interruptions during our day, it is hard to sit down and really formulate ideas… Make goals, create a game plan, remember small ideas, complete a task… There is one great way to help yourself remember all of the small ideas and thoughts… WRITE IT DOWN!

Don’t always rely on your FABULOUS memory… Don’t leave a great idea to chance! What if you are running out of the house in the morning, trying to remember to grab your breakfast, lunch, iPad, papers and bag… and in your running around a great idea pops into your head for a project you are working on or want to start. Do you say to yourself, “I’ll remember this later…”? Do you ALWAYS remember? Does the thought slip out of your mind just as fast as it popped in?

Grab your phone… Grab a post it… Grab a note pad… and WRITE IT DOWN!

You can revisit your notes at any time, but it is there… Written… No need for the disappointment of forgetting something.

I have many ways of keeping my ideas written… In the office I have spiral bound notebooks where I jot down notes from a meeting, ideas on an account, or a game plan for a project. I am going to start transitioning these to an Evernote document on my iPad, which will make all of my notes searchable.

I’m also a tab bit Post-It happy… I usually just use these for short-term reminders… They tend to be reminders to call someone, take a quick look at an account, an errand I need to do that day or next…

As for my personal ideas/thoughts… Hellllloooooo iPhone and iPad! The handy dandy Notes app is awesome for getting an idea down without having to worry about opening a document or large app.The reminders app makes adding a task follow up fast, reliable and customizable. I can also go on and on and on and on about all of the apps that are available…

It doesn’t matter what method you use… Write… It… Down…